Business Administration (BUS)

Credit Courses

BUS 101 Introduction To Business (3 Units)

Skills Advisories: Eligibility for ENG 110 or ENG 110H.

Hours: 54 (54 lecture)

Examines economic activity in the American free enterprise system. Provides students with a broad understanding of: social responsibility and ethics, government regulations, business law, globalization, technology and e-commerce, economic and financial systems, securities markets, management, marketing, accounting and finance.

SBCC General Education: SBCCGE Area B

Transfer Information: CSU Transferable, UC Transferable

C-ID: BUS 110.

BUS 103 Business Mathematics (3 Units)

Course Advisories: BUS 101.

Skills Advisories: MATH 1.

Hours: 54 (54 lecture)

Arithmetic approach used to solve business problems dealing with interest, depreciation, percentage, discounts, pricing merchandise, bank discounts, stocks and bonds, partial payments, payroll, small loans and installment purchases.

Transfer Information: CSU Transferable

BUS 290 Work Experience In Business Administration (1-4 Units)

Skills Advisories: Eligibility for ENG 110 or 110H.

Hours: 300 (300 lab)

Consists of supervised employment for students whose career objectives, course of study and employment complement each other. Students must accomplish specific course objectives. Class meetings on campus are scheduled each semester. Course restricted to 3 repetitions

Transfer Information: CSU Transferable