Global Studies (GLST)

Credit Courses

GLST 101 Introduction to Global Studies (3 Units)

Hours: 54 (54 lecture)

Introduction to the interdisciplinary field of global studies. Examines the history of globalization, including the role of communication technology, and analyzes various aspects of globalization: economic, political, cultural and ecological. For each, the focus is on the extent of global cooperation, global conflict and growing global interdependence.

SBCC General Education: SBCCGE Area B, SBCCGE Area E5

Transfer Information: CSUGE Area D7, IGETC Area 4G, CSU Transferable, UC Transferable

C-ID: GLST 101.

GLST 102 Global Problems (3 Units)

Hours: 54 (54 lecture)

Examines a number of specific problems that the global community faces today, such as global economic inequality and poverty, human rights violations and the status of women, global crime, environmental problems, and global health. Possible approaches for solving these issues are explored, with a focus on global governance.

SBCC General Education: SBCCGE Area B, SBCCGE Area E5

Transfer Information: CSUGE Area D7, IGETC Area 4G, CSU Transferable, UC Transferable

C-ID: GLST 102.

GLST 103 Introduction to Global Studies: Discussion (1 Unit)

Corequisites: GLST 101.

Hours: 18 (18 lecture)

Weekly discussion section for students enrolled in GLST 101. Discussion of lecture topics, readings and contemporary events. Development of skills related to the writing of a term paper.

Transfer Information: CSU Transferable, UC Transferable

GLST 105 Global Environmental Politics (3 Units)

Hours: 54 (54 lecture)

Focuses on today's global environmental problems and the policies that address them. Begins with an overview of the state of the global environment, examining major issues such as the loss of biodiversity, the global climate crisis, deforestation, and the pollution of air, water and soil. Considers behavioral and cultural perspectives, such as individuals’ and societies’ attitudes toward the environment and how these have evolved during the time of the environmental movement. Examines the respective role and policy powers of global, regional and domestic institutions that participate in environmental governance. Explores specific examples of successes and challenges of environmental protection.

SBCC General Education: SBCCGE Area B

Transfer Information: CSUGE Area D, CSUGE Area F, IGETC Area 4, CSU Transferable, UC Transferable

GLST 295 Internship In Global Studies (2-4 Units)

Limitations on Enrollment: Completion of two courses (in applicable discipline) prior to enrolling in an Internship course.

Hours: 216 (216 lab)

Internship program in which students gain experience in community organizations related to the discipline.

Transfer Information: CSU Transferable

GLST 299 Independent Study In Global Studies (1-4 Units)

Limitations on Enrollment: Complete 12 units at SBCC with a GPA of 2.5 and a minimum of 6 units with a GPA of 3.0 in Global Studies.

Hours: 192 (192 lab)

Independent study course providing an opportunity for students to explore a specific Global Studies topic in depth, while working closely with their Professor.

Transfer Information: CSU Transferable