Anthony E. Beebe - Superintendent/President

Pamela Ralston - Interim Executive Vice President, Educational Programs

Paul Bishop - Vice President, Information Technology

Monalisa Hasson - Vice President, Human Resources

Lyndsay Maas - Vice President, Business Services

Melissa Moreno - Interim Vice President, School of Extended Learning 

President’s Office

Anthony E. Beebe - Superintendent/President

Angie Esqueda - Executive Assistant to the President and Board of Trustees

Luz Reyes-Martin - Executive Director of Public Affairs and Communications

Human Resources

Monalisa Hasson - Vice President

Business Services

Lyndsay Mass - Vice President

Mark Broomfield - Facility Operations Manager

Erik Fricke - Director, Security

Nicole Hubert - Student Finance Manager

Tracy Janecek - Payroll Manager

Paul Miller - Director, Auxiliary Services

Robert Morales - Director, Administrative Services/Emergency Response and Director, Facilities and Operations

Josh Murray - Facility Operations Manager

James Zavas - Controller

Information Technology

Paul Bishop - Vice President

Jim Clark - Director, Information Technology User Services

Jason Walker - Director, Student Technology Support

Educational Programs

Pamela Ralston - Interim Executive Vice President

Jens-Uwe Kuhn - Dean

Priscilla Mora - Dean

Kenley Neufeld - Dean

Alan Price - Dean

Arturo Rodriguez - Dean

Carola Smith - Acting Dean

Christopher Johnson - Associate Dean

Rocco Constantino - Director, Athletics

Luis Giraldo - Director, Equity, Diversity and Cultural Competency