Fees and Refunds

Students are encouraged to pay fees at time of registration. Payment must be received within seven (7) calendar days of registration or you may be dropped for non-payment. Students will not be dropped for non-payment after instruction has begun. As the student, you are responsible for dropping classes by the stated deadlines. If you register in a class and later change your mind, it is your responsibility to drop the class. Students finding it difficult to pay enrollment fees should visit the Financial Aid Office (SS-210) or visit the Financial Aid website before registering for classes. All fees are subject to change at any time by action of the State Legislature, Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges or District Board of Trustees.

Student Enrollment Fee

Santa Barbara City College charges a State-mandated enrollment fee of $46 per unit to all enrolled students. The State of California, through its Board of Financial Assistance Program, provides fee credits, fee waivers, or special California College Promise Grant (formerly called Board of Governor's waiver) to help defray the cost of the Student Enrollment Fee. Information on eligibility requirements and application deadlines, as well as application forms, are available in the Financial Aid office (SS-210).

Non-Resident Tuition

No tuition is charged to legal residents of California.  In 2018-2019, students who have not been residents of California for one year or longer prior to the beginning of a term are required to pay a nonresident tuition fee of $285 per unit, in addition to the $46 per unit Enrollment Fee. This fee includes a Capital Outlay fee. Residency status is determined by the Office of Admissions and Records.  The tuition for international students is the same as non-residents, however International Students may be required to pay additional fees. Go to the International Students website for more information.

Tuition/Enrollment Fee Refund

Students who officially withdraw by course deadlines will receive a credit toward future fees for the full amount of all fees paid for those classes. Check your Schedule/Bill for deadline dates. For student who prefer to receive a refund of their credit may complete a Request for Refund Form and return it to the Cashier’s Office for processing.  Refunds are not automatic; for additional information on refunds, visit the Fiscal Services website. A $10 per semester processing charge will be deducted from enrollment fee refunds. (The charge does not apply to classes cancelled by the college.) If classes are dropped after the first two weeks of the semester, the following fees are not eligible for a refund: Health Services, Student Representation, Transportation and Student Activity. Parking Permits must be returned intact to the Cashier’s Office (SS-150) prior to the first days of the session for a refund.

Health Services Fee

All students are required to pay a health services fee of $20 per Fall and Spring semester and $17 per Summer session. Many health and wellness services are available free or at low cost through the Health & Wellness Office (SS-170) or online through Ask A Nurse. Students who depend exclusively upon prayer for healing in accordance with teachings of a bona fide religious sect, denomination, or organization, those students in apprenticeship programs and dual enrollment students enrolled in off campus courses may be exempted from paying the health services fee. Refer to the Cashier's website for further information or visit the Cashier’s Office to complete a petition for health services fee exemption.    

Parking Permits

Any student who intends to park a vehicle on campus must register his/her vehicle and purchase a parking permit. Parking permits are not required for mopeds and motorcycles. Prices includes shipping, handling, postage and applicable credit card processing fees.  All Day/Evening permits are $33.40 and Evening-Only permits are $18.40 per Fall and Spring semester. California College Promise Grant (CCPG), formerly BOGW, students are eligible for a reduced All Day/Evening permit of $23.40 per semester. Permits for each Summer Sessions are $18.40. Parking permits are non-transferable, and parking fees are only refundable to students who return permits prior to the first day of the semester. Lost/stolen permits will not be replaced. Purchasing a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space. Parking permits may be purchased online through Pipeline

Student Transportation Fee

All students are required to pay a Student Transportation fee during registration. This fee is $32.00 per Fall and Spring semester for students enrolled in 6 units or more; $31.00 for students enrolled in fewer than 6 units per Fall and Spring; and $14.00 per Summer session. The Student Transportation fee entitles a student to unlimited use of local community bus service. Your student identification card, CampusCard, with the current semester sticker is your pass. Fall Semester passes are valid seven days prior to the start date of fall classes until 7 days before the start of spring classes. Spring Semester passes are valid seven days prior to the start of Spring classes until the last day of final examinations for spring. Summer passes are valid seven days prior to the start of the Summer Session until the last day of final examinations for the session. Students enrolling only in distance learning or off-campus classes are exempt from paying the Transportation Fee. A refund is only issued if all courses have been dropped within the first two weeks of classes.  No refunds are available after this date. 

Student Activity Pass Fee

Students are expected to pay a Student Activity Pass fee at the time of registration. The fee is $5 per Fall and Spring.  Summer sessions are excluded. This pass entitles the student to free admission to numerous college events, in addition to discounts from the Bookstore and businesses in the community. A student activity sticker is affixed to the student photo identification card, called CampusCard. A refund may be requested at the Cashiers Office within the first two weeks of classes.  No refunds are available after this date. 

Student Representation Fee

A representation fee of $1 per student per semester was established by election of the student body.  The money collected through this fee provides support for students and/or representatives who state positions and viewpoints before city, county and district governments and before offices and agencies of local, State and Federal government. A student has the right to opt out of the fee for religious, political, moral or financial reasons, at the time of registration through the pipeline portal.  A refund may be requested at the Cashiers Office within the first two weeks of classes.  No refunds are available after this date.  This fee is not covered by most forms of financial aid.

Instructional Materials Fees

Students may be required to provide instructional materials for a credit or noncredit course. Such materials shall be of continuing value to a student outside of the classroom setting. Visit the Schedule of Classes to see which courses require instructional materials fees and see Board Policy and Administrative Procedure 5031 Instructional Materials Fees.

Textbook/Lab Supplies

Students are expected to purchase all textbooks, supplies and uniforms, as needed for instruction. Some materials may be purchased through the Campus Store.