Student Support Services

Academic Counseling Center

(Academic planning, degree applications, educational planning)
MTh 8-4, TW 8-6, F 8-1
Sabrina Barajas/Christy Grant
(805) 730-4085
ACC website

Academic Counseling

Meeting with an academic counselor each semester is essential to student success. Academic counselors are available to new-to-college students who have completed all their steps to enrollment, new transfer students, continuing and returning students.

The Academic Counseling Center provides a variety of resources to help students achieve the greatest possible benefit from their college experience. Each academic counselor is a specialist in several academic areas, and students are assigned a counselor according to the major they declare or the special program that they are part of. The Academic Counseling Center is a valuable resource to explore the options and requirements in a particular field of study. Counselors assist with course selection, educational planning questions concerning requirements for majors, general education, graduation, or transfer to a four-year college or university. A counselor can answer questions about a course or academic requirements and serve as a valuable resource in helping students select appropriate, balanced course plans to meet degree and certificate requirements as well as lower division transfer requirements for specific transfer institutions. Students are encouraged to meet with a counselor each semester. Academic Counseling offices are located in the Student Services Building, (805) 730-4085.

The Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) sets the following goals for Academic Counseling services:

  • Newly matriculated students will complete an Abbreviated Educational Plan prior to completing 15 credit units.
  • Once students identify their program of study, they will meet with a counselor to create a Comprehensive Educational Plan that will detail the necessary courses to reach their academic goal.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to follow up with a counselor to review and/or revise their Education Plan as needed to adapt to developing education and career goals.
  • Comprehensive counseling services are available to assist students in exploring career, transfer and vocational goals specific to their development.


With the option of over 75 degrees and 50 certificates at SBCC, a student often remains undecided on a major. Academic counselors are available to discuss options and give general information on each major offered. They can also provide curriculum guides, and discuss prerequisites and general career information. Referrals may also be made to the Career Center, or appropriate college and/or community resources.

Online Counseling

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask a question.


When a student is placed on Academic Probation/Dismissal and/or Progress Probation/Dismissal, academic counselors are available to counsel students on the most effective ways to achieve good academic standing. It is strongly recommended that students seek academic counseling as soon as possible to preserve their academic record.

Student Education Plan (SEP)

A comprehensive SEP should be developed with an academic counselor during the student’s first semester at SBCC. An SEP outlines a suggested course of study for the individual student based on major, transfer plans and sequence of courses. Students are encouraged to update their plan each semester or when a change is made to their major, transfer institution or other goals.

Transfer Counseling

Academic counselors provide transfer information, such as General Education requirements (IGETC and CSU Breadth), preparation for major courses, general admissions requirements, and information on the UC and CSU systems, as well as California independent and out-of-state colleges and universities.

Admissions & Records

(Application, registration, pass/no pass, transcripts, petitions, records) 
MTh 8-4, TW 8-6, F 8-1
Michael Medel
(805) 730-4001
A & R Website

Admissions & Records, Room SS-110, provides information and assistance regarding applications, official college records, registration in classes, adding or dropping of classes, transcripts, petitions, residency and withdrawal from college.

Articulation with Four-Year Institutions

M-Th 8-4, F 8-1
Laura Castro
(805) 730-5184
Articulation Website

To assist the student with transfer to four-year institutions, articulation agreements have been established with most California State Universities, University of California campuses and some independent California and out-of-state colleges. These agreements define the courses at Santa Barbara City College that satisfy many lower division major requirements and/or General Education requirements at four-year institutions.

ASSIST is a computerized student transfer articulation information system. It displays reports of how California community college courses can be applied when transferred to California State Universities and University of California campuses. ASSIST is the official repository of articulation for California’s public colleges and universities, and therefore provides the most accurate and up-to-date information available about student transfer in California.

Assessment Center

Sara Volle
(805) 730-4149
Assessment Center website

The Assessment Center is dedicated to ensuring student success by providing evaluation of mathematics and English skills. Test results, given as course placement recommendations, give the student information necessary to complete their educational objectives. Assessment results provide valuable information relative to course skills advisories and satisfy some course prerequisites. Usually taken at the outset of a student’s college education, assessment is part of a student success plan to move efficiently through the educational process.

English and mathematics placement testing is offered in a computerized testing lab four days a week during two periods a year, October—January (for Spring registration) and February—August (for Summer/Fall registration). Detailed information regarding specific test dates, test preparation materials and alternatives to testing may be found by visiting the Steps to Enrollment website.

The Assessment Center is also a drop-off location for student prerequisite verification and challenge documentation. Verifications include submission of external coursework to satisfy course prerequisites. Visit the Transcript Evaluation Office's website for further details.

The Assessment Office is located in the Student Services Building, Room SS-251. The Computer Assessment Lab is located adjacent to the office in Room SS-250.


M-F 8-4:30
Ashley Farias
(805) 730-4076
Athletics Website

Santa Barbara City College is a member of the Western State Conference and the Southern California Football Association Competition and eligibility is governed by the California Community College Athletic Association Constitution and By-Laws. Intercollegiate athletic competition is offered in men’s and women’s cross-country, men’s and women’s soccer, football, women’s volleyball, women’s water polo and women’s golf in the fall.

During the winter, men’s and women’s basketball is offered. For spring, baseball, men’s golf, men’s volleyball, women’s swimming and diving, women’s softball and men’s and women’s tennis, and men’s and women’s track and field are offered.

The Athletics Department also sponsors a cheerleading program that participates during both fall and spring athletic events.

Any questions pertaining to athletic eligibility or cheerleading should be directed to the Athletics Director, (805) 730-4192, or the coach of the sport in which one decides to participate.

Campus Security

(Accidents, parking, escorts, crimes, impounded bikes) 
M-F 8-4:30
Erik Fricke
(805) 730-4064
Campus Security Website

The Campus Security Office is located in ECC-41 (adjacent to the Sports Pavilion). The office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., phone (805) 730-4064. Security is on campus during school hours, and can be reached during non-office hours at ext. 2400. If there is an emergency, call ext. 2400 from a campus phone or (805) 730-4200 from a cell phone. The Security Office’s main responsibilities are responding to incident calls, providing escorts, issuing citations for illegally parked vehicles, and securing buildings on campus. When school is in session, the campus is patrolled by officers in designated locations to observe and report any suspicious activity.

The department works closely with the Santa Barbara Police Department and each officer has the ability to contact the police directly over their handheld radios in case of an emergency. The department has six full-time employees and up to 30 part-time officers.

Santa Barbara City College is committed to the safety of all students, faculty and staff. In response to Assembly Bill 1088’s concern that women on American college campuses, who are 18-24 years of age, are at greater risk for becoming victims of sexual assault than women in the general population, information on sexual assault prevention and information on what to do if sexual assault occurs can be obtained at the Student Health Services website, or the Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center website.

Campus Store

Paul Miller
Campus Store
(805) 730-4047
Campus Store website

The Campus Store is owned by the SBCC Community College District and all profits are directed in support of student programs and activities. We support the mission of SBCC by providing required course materials, supplies, and merchandise in cost efficient, easily accessible formats. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and high quality products while partnering with campus constituents to achieve mutual goals. We endeavor to grow and expand future services and to operate a financially responsible business that invests back into SBCC and its continued success.

The Campus Store sells new and used textbooks, as well as offering rental and digital textbooks. We are the on-campus provider of merchandise with the SBCC logo, as well as school supplies, art supplies and gift items.

Regular semester hours are Monday through Thursday, 7:45 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4 p.m. See our website for additional special hours.

Career Center

(Career counseling, assessment, job referral, re-entry adults, Work Experience) 
MTh 8-4, TW 8-6, F 8-1
Chris Phillips
(805) 730-4131
Career Center Website

The Career Center is located in the Student Services Building, Room 282. The Career Center provides students with direct access to the college’s comprehensive business, occupational and career development programs and services. The professional staff addresses students’ unique career goals and aspirations through:

  • Comprehensive career counseling services that are available to all students.
  • Computerized career guidance programs that allow the student to determine job interests, skills and values and to develop decision-making and job search strategies.
  • Career-planning classes, workshops and seminars offered throughout the year.
  • Work experience, internships, volunteer and mentorship opportunities for students.
  • Up-to-date information on the college’s diverse array of business, occupational and career education programs/services.
  • Comprehensive job referral assistance for those students who complete occupational education certificate or degree programs. Assistance is also provided to students seeking part-time and summer employment. 

Child Care: Orfalea Early Learning Center

(Orfalea Early Learning Center) 
M-Th 7:30-5, F 7:30-4
Beth Rizo
365 Loma Alta
(805) 965-6883
OELC Website

Santa Barbara City College offers full-time childcare for children ages six months to when they enter kindergarten. The center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Priority is given to full-time student parents who are income-eligible and enrolled in a vocational training program. The center also serves faculty and staff of the college if space is available. Located across the street from SBCC’s Main Campus at 365 Loma Alta Drive. Orfalea Early Learning Center is also a lab school program to meet the college’s Early Childhood Education teacher-training needs. For information about teacher-training, contact Julie Smith, Early Childhood Education chair, (805) 730-4173.

Clubs and Organizations

M-F 8-4:30
Amy Collins
(805) 730-4062
Clubs Website

Participation in campus club life is a great way to enrich your co-curricular experience at Santa Barbara City College. Clubs are organized to involve students in specialized fields of interest associated with academics, hobbies and special service to the community or college. Come to the Office of Student Life, located in the Campus Center, Room-217, to join a club or to start your own group. A Club Manual is available to assist you in having a successful club. The manual includes information about club rosters, constitutions, advisers and charters. Many past clubs have focused on career options, student diversity, sports, politics, religion, service, recreation and social events. Listed below is a sample of the clubs that are now active or have been active in the past.

  • American Sign Language
  • Biology Club
  • E.O.P.S. Club
  • Film Review Club
  • Geology Club
  • International Studies Association
  • Japanese Calligraphy Club
  • Psychology Club
  • Queer and Ally Club
  • Student Sustainability Coalition
  • Wellness Connection

Computer Labs

Computer Resources Website
Santa Barbara City College’s has approximately 1,800 computers available for students on Main Campus. The hours of operations vary from lab to lab, however in general open drop-in labs are available:

  • Monday through Thursday: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Friday: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Hours are subject to change.

Please direct any questions you have about a specific lab to the extension provided for that lab, which is provided on the Computer Resources web page. Additionally, you will also find a list of locations where mobile printing from personal devices is available, the location of each lab, and the main website for each lab on the Computer Resources page as well.  

Disability Services and Programs for Students (DSPS)

MTh 8-4, TW 8-6, F 8-1
Jana Garnett
(805) 730-4164
DSPS Website

Santa Barbara City College welcomes students with disabilities. The college has established the office of Disability Services and Programs for Students to provide the following support for student success:

  • Provide educational support services for students with disabilities enrolled in SBCC courses.
  • Offer the assistance of six full-time disability specialists, four service providers and over 30 auxiliary aides.
  • Provide services such as counseling, extended time on tests, priority registration, alternate media, assistive technology, auxiliary aides, adapted equipment and tutorial lab.
  • Determine eligibility for educational accommodations or services by requiring students to present verification of disability to a DSPS disability specialist.
  • Empower students with disabilities to attain maximum independence, integration, self-advocacy and self-determination.
  • Support the participation of students with disabilities in all educational activities consistent with the mission of community colleges.
  • Provide reasonable educational accommodations for students with disabilities while maintaining the integrity of uniform academic standards at SBCC and the fundamental nature of college programs and services.
  • Encourage the achievement of academic and vocational goals, such as degree or certificate completion, college transfer and workplace needs.
  • Counsel students with disabilities to comply with the skills advisories for each course and meet prerequisites or enrollment requirements.
  • Provide programs and services for students with disabilities, in compliance with laws and regulations such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, the California Community Colleges Title 5 regulations, and policies and procedures adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Santa Barbara Community College District.

Students are considered "qualified" to attend college once they have been accepted. DSPS provides accommodations that provide equal access to District courses and programs. SBCC expects students to have a stable level of health in order to benefit from a full semester's work. It also expects students to demonstrate the ability to take care of personal needs unassisted, or provide a personal service attendant (PSA). Personal needs include such activities as negotiating campus facilities, lifting and carrying possessions , eating, or completing personal hygiene activities. SBCC requires students to contact a DSPS disabilities specialist if they intend to bring a PSA  into the classroom. All students, regardless of the basis of disability, are expected to comply with the Code of Student Conduct. SBCC invites students to request educational accommodations or DSPS services by contacting the DSPS Office, Room SS-160, or by calling (805) 730-4164 (voice) or

Distance Education Student Technical Support

M-Th 9-4, F 9-1
(805) 897-3549
Distance Education Tech Support Website

Distance Education Student Technical Support serves students by providing support for the college’s student portal (Pipeline) and the college’s authorized course management systems (Canvas).


(Career counseling, assessment, job referral, re-entry adults, Work Experience)
MTh 8-4, TW 8-6, F 8-1
Chris Phillips
(805) 730-4131
Employment Website

The Career Center receives numerous job orders from employers in the community. The center can provide referrals for part-time or full-time jobs and internships. It also provides a website listing information on all on-campus student jobs and maintains an online job referral system. The center also sponsors job and internship fairs every semester that invite local employers to campus and allows students to learn about career opportunities and to apply for job openings. Additional information on job referrals is available at the Career Center, located in the Student Services Building, Room 282, or by calling (805) 730-4131.

Enrollment Services

(Prospective student information, registration assistance, campus tours, college orientation) 
MTh 8-4, TW 8-6, F 8-1
Vanessa Pelton
(805) 730-4736
Enrollment Website

The Enrollment Services Department functions as the front line connection for prospective, returning and current students. Enrollment Services operates the Welcome Center that provides enrollment assistance via e-mail, phone and in-person contact. The Welcome Center is located on the first floor of the Student Services Building. The department provides access to learning opportunities that promote student enrollment and success through a variety of outreach and orientation services: pre-admissions advising to both local and out-of-area prospective students and their families, campus tours, college fairs, application workshops, welcome tables and more. Enrollment Services also hosts a variety of events for prospective students and their families, such as Senior Friday's, Vaquero Days, Vaquero Welcome, and College Night.

Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS/CARE)

MTh 8-4, TW 8-6, F 8-1
Paloma Arnold
(805) 730-4079
EOPS Website

EOPS is a state-funded, educational support program for low-income and academically disadvantaged students who are enrolled full-time (12 or more units). The goal of the EOPS program is to help students meet their educational goals, whether they seek an occupational certificate, an Associate in Arts or Science degree, or transfer to a four-year university by providing above and beyond support services. 

EOPS educational support services include:

  • EOPS Academic Counselors provide comprehensive certificate, associate and transfer counseling through one-on-one appointments and academic workshops. EOPS students are also eligible for priority registration and are assisted through the registration process every semester.
  • EOPS Student Program Advisors provide comprehensive and holistic support, case management and referrals throughout an EOPS student's educational career at SBCC.
  • EOPS Peer Mentors provide a communication link between the EOPS program and the EOPS students.
  • EOPS offers its students a complete computer lab with access to computers and free printing.
  • EOPS provides assistance in completing federal/state and local financial aid and scholarship applications.
  • EOPS  provides its students with book grants, meal vouchers, school supplies, pays course field trip and honor society membership fees and provides university application fee waivers.  
  • EOPS provides English and math tutoring through the EOPS Tutorial Lab. Tutoring in other subjects or on a one-on-one basis are also provided, as needed.
  • EOPS hosts cultural events and activities for students such as the EOPS Orientation, EOPS Graduation, educational field trips and the EOPS Club.

Additional Programs within the EOPS Program Include:

CARE (Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education): Santa Barbara City College provides opportunities for low-income single parents to obtain the skills and education necessary to move from poverty to economic self-sufficiency. The goals of the CARE program are to provide incentives for individuals to minimize their welfare dependence and enhance their employability; to strengthen self-awareness and self-confidence and to provide career awareness and decision-making skills. CARE students are eligible for all EOPS support and services and in addition, may be eligible for transportation assistance, cultural events and activities, single parent workshops and child care assistance.

Guardian Scholars Program: A support program for current and former foster youth and AB12 students. Guardian Scholar students are eligible for all EOPS support and services and additional grants, services and activities as necessary.

Running Start: A six-week summer program for eligible graduating high school seniors offers college orientation, educational field trips and a weekly stipend. Students are eligible for priority registration, academic counseling, orientation, and other support services and complete a personal development course and one other academic course of their choosing.

SPARC: (Single Parents Arriving Ready for College): A six-week summer program for eligible single-parent students offers college orientation, field trips, and a weekly stipend. Students are eligible for priority registration, academic counseling, orientation, childcare and other support services. Additionally, students are enrolled in a college success and parenting course specific to single parent students.

Transitions: A six-week summer program for formerly incarcerated individuals or individuals on probation or parole. The Transitions program offers college orientation, a college success course and weekly field trips. Students are eligible for priority registration, academic counseling and other support services.

California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Children (CalWORKs)

CalWorks Website

CalWORKs is California's Welfare plan in response to the Federal TANF (Temporary Aid to Needy Families) Program. The CalWORKs program allows participants who are receiving cash assistance to attend Santa Barbara City College (main campus or non credit) for education and training with the goal of reaching self-sufficiency and increasing wage earning power.

In addition to the services listed above, CalWORKs participants may be eligible for childcare, work study, needs based workshops, education and employment plans, transportation assistance and a cooperative relationship with the Department of Social Services. 

At Santa Barbara City College, the CalWORKs program is located in the EOPS Office (SS240).

Food Service

The College Cafeteria is located to the right of the main entrance of the Campus Center. It is open Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. Hot meals are served daily. Excellent food and service are available at reasonable prices.

The JSB Café is located in the School of Culinary Arts Building between the Campus Center and the Campus Store. Lunch is served Monday through Friday, 11:15 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

The School of Culinary Arts Gourmet Dining Room is located in the School of Culinary Arts Building between the Campus Center and the Campus Store. Seating is available from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for lunch and 5:30 to 7 p.m. for dinner. Lunch is served Monday through Friday, and dinner is served Thursday and Friday evenings. For reservations, call (805) 730-5173.

The West Campus Snack Shop is located in the Business/Communication Building, open Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Friday until 1:15 p.m. Additionally, students can get coffee and baked goods at the Campus Center Buzz Shack, open Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Friday, 7 a.m. to 1:15 p.m., and the Luria Library Café, open Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The School of Culinary Arts also provides catering for on-campus events. Call (805) 897-3488 to book catering events.

Gateway Tutoring to Student Success

(Tutoring services and academic support provided for students in a Gateway class)
M-Th 8:30-5, F 8:30-12
Jason Levy
(805) 730-2667
Gateway to Success Website

The Gateway Tutoring Program is part of the “Partnership for Student Success,” an SBCC faculty-driven initiative developed to help students achieve success in their first year of college. The program was designed on the concept of triangulated instruction that builds a strong and complementary relationship between the instructor, tutor and each student participating in Gateway. All Gateway classes have a trained tutor in the classroom or the lab, working directly with the faculty member on threshold concepts in the course. The 300+ Gateway course sections offer student-centered learning techniques and strategies in the context of specific courses and disciplines. In addition, the Gateway to Student Success Center, located on the East Campus in ECC-4, provides a tutorial center. Regular semester hours are Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Friday, 8:30 a.m. to noon. Call Director Dr. Vandana Gavaskar, (805) 730-4473 for additional information.


M-F 8-4:30
Amy Collins
(805) 730-4062
Housing Website

As a service to those students living away from home, the Office of Student Life (Campus Center, Room 217) maintains listings of available rooms, apartments, and room and board options within the community (also available in the Housing website).  The office also provides a renters’ housing brochure, which informs students about available rentals, privately owned residence halls and rental strategies. The college, however, assumes no responsibility for inspecting or supervising such housing facilities. It does support and endorse the Fair Employment and Housing Act.

Injury/Accident Reporting and Insurance

MTh 8-4, T 8-6, W 9-6, F 9-1
Laura Fariss
(805) 730-4098
Student Health Services Website

All class-related accidental injuries must be reported to the Student Health and Wellness Office, Room SS-170, within 72 hours of the incident to be eligible for college student accident insurance policy coverage. This coverage is limited to accidental injuries while participating in college classes or activities and is secondary to any other medical insurance the student may have. Coverage and limitations are outlined in a brochure available in the Student Health and Wellness Office.

Information on private medical insurance and on enrollment in Covered California and mediCal is available in the office.

Contracts with Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital emergency rooms have been established to provide medical care to students at a discounted rate. The emergency rooms are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your student I.D. card must be presented at the time services are rendered.

International Student Support Program

M-F 8-12, 1-4
(805) 730-4040
International Students Website

International students have always played an important role in the life of the college. SBCC welcomes international students and encourages them to utilize all of the services provided by the International Student Support Program staff.

The International Student Support Program strives to provide international students with an opportunity to benefit from a high-quality academic curriculum, as well as from intellectually stimulating social and recreational activities. The International Student Program consists of two programs. The English Language Studies Program (ELSP) is an intensive language program for beginning to advanced level international students who wish to improve their English skills before taking other college-level classes. The International Student Academic Program (ISAP) is open to students who are academically prepared for advanced English and regular college courses.

ISAP students may earn a two-year Associate Degree or complete their lower-division transfer requirements for four-year colleges and universities.

Housing assistance is offered to all international students. Lists of Santa Barbara area hotels and motels, student apartments, student dormitories, as well as professional host family and apartment placement service are available. All international students who have a student visa (F-1) are required to check in at the International Education Center upon arrival and to attend the mandatory arrival orientation. Student visa holders will be assisted with the processing of required documents and provided with information on upcoming international student activities and events.

Internship Referral Service

(Volunteer, paid, credit)
MTh 8-4, TW 8-6, F 8-1
Career Center
(805) 730-4131
Career Center Website

Internship opportunities are available to students through the Career Center which links local employers and students. Internships are an ideal way for students to gain hands-on experience in the workplace and make valuable professional contacts while still in college. Internships are made available both through listings in the Career Center and through the online job posting service that the center sponsors. To receive college credit for internships, refer to the Work Experience section.

Cartwright Learning Resources Center

(Supplemental instruction multimedia tools and learning materials, including videos, DVDs, CDs, software programs; Writing Center, Tutorial Center, Computer Lab and CAI classrooms) 
M-Th 8-8, F 8-4
Vandana Gavaskar
(805) 730-4466
CLRC Website

The Cartwright Learning Resources Center, which houses numerous learning support services, is open Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Writing Center is open Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Check-In Counter for Media and Computer Access

The Cartwright Learning Resources Center houses a cross-curricular multimedia library. These materials do not circulate outside of the department. Individual viewing/listening carrels are available. The CLRC provides required supplemental instructional materials for classes in Earth Science, History, Music, Physical Education, Work Experience and others.

Computer-Assisted Instruction

The CAI Labs are classrooms with locally networked Apple computers and printers. They are primarily teaching facilities that are available to faculty by reservation only.

Computer Commons

This is a drop-in computer lab with Apple and PC computers and printers available to all SBCC students. Tutors provide friendly assistance, as well as one-on-one tutorials by appointment

Tutorial Center

The Tutorial Center, located in the Cartwright Learning Resources Center in room 118, coordinates a large number of tutorial services. Information about individual, small group tutoring and tutorial labs covering a variety of subjects is available for the general student population, as well as faculty. General tutor training registration is also accessed through this office.

TUT 199 Tutor Training (0.75,1 Units)

Limitations on Enrollment: Must have faculty sponsorship Two hours per week for five weeks, totaling 10 hours per semester, and 15 to 25 lab hours per semester.

Skills Advisories: Eligibility for ENG 110 or ENG 110H.

Hours: 35 (10 lecture, 25 lab)

Requires faculty sponsorship of tutors so they are linked to classroom instruction. Tutors receive instruction in learning styles, communication skills, problem-solving strategies, teaching strategies, student services (to make appropriate referrals), campus policies, etc. Course is certified by the California Reading and Learning Association, which is recognized internationally. Graded Pass/No Pass.

Transfer Information: CSU Transferable

Tutoring Commons

This is an open commons supporting multiple departments for small-group and individual tutorial sessions.

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers drop-in and by-appointment assistance with any stage of the writing process, as well as research composition format. Individual Writing Lab sessions last a half-hour. The Writing Center also provides online writing resources. See the lab’s website on the SBCC home page.

Lost and Found

M-F 8-4:30
Lorraine Valenzuela
(805) 730-4064

Articles found on campus and in its immediate environs are turned in to Campus Security, Room ECC-41 (adjacent to the Sports Pavilion). Owners must appear in person to identify and claim lost items.

Luria Library

(Library usage, reference and research) 
M-Th 7:30-10, F 7:30-4:00, Sat 12-5, Sun 11-10
Elizabeth Bowman, Director
Library 134
(805) 730-4430
Library Website

The Eli Luria Library embraces its slogan (Explore, Learn, Grow), seeking to inspire discovery by offering dynamic, innovative, and welcoming physical and virtual environments for students and faculty, and providing the resources, services, and instruction they need to achieve educational, professional, and personal growth and success. The library plays a central role in the life of the campus and is visited by thousands of students a day.

Professional librarians are available at all open hours for reference and research support, and to provide instruction in information competency, whether one-on-one or in research workshops. Services are provided in-person, using chat online at the library website, or by telephone.

There is a collection of over 92,000 titles, selected with faculty and student recommendations, as well as 325 print periodical subscriptions. This collection includes 123,500 electronic books and subscriptions to 58 electronic databases representing a wide range of disciplines, many of which provide access to more than full-text periodicals. Copies of most course textbooks are available for short-term use. Access to the library catalog and information about all services are available through the Library website. Checkout of library materials is accomplished with student ID. Access to databases and other online library resources is available through the library website, from on or off campus.  Books and copies of articles from periodical titles not owned are available to the SBCC students, faculty, and staff via interlibrary loan.

The Luria Library provides seating for more than 600, in individual study carrels, as well as group study rooms and lounge areas. Group study rooms can be reserved online. In addition to 50 desktop computers, there are 50 laptop computers available for 4 hour checkout. Students, faculty, and staff can use scanners, photocopiers and black/white and color printers. Wi-Fi access using personal computers and other devices is provided throughout the library. 

The library hosts student and faculty-led events and meetings, and welcomes collaborations with other departments, clubs and programs. The Buzz Shack is the library café, where students can purchase coffee drinks, juices and pastries during most open hours. Extended hours are available prior to finals week each semester.

Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA)

M-F 8-4
Virginia Estrella
(805) 730-4792

The Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) California Community College Program (CCCP) is an academic program designed to encourage educationally and financially disadvantaged community college students to excel in math, engineering and science so they can transfer to institutions offering baccalaureate degrees in these fields. MESA CCCP centers are located on selected community college campuses throughout the state and serve over 3,000 students. The program is a collaboration between MESA and the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. The MESA program for Santa Barbara City College was established in 2007. Call (805) 730-4792 or visit CC-228.

Noncredit Information and Registration

Michael Medel
Schott Campus (805) 687-0812
Wake Campus (805) 964-6853
School of Extended Learning Website

Noncredit Information and Registration Offices assist students with applying and registering in noncredit courses and are located at the Schott and Wake Campuses.

Office of Student Life

(Activity cards, Student Identification Cards, Student Senate, club activities, housing) 
M-F 8-4:30
Amy Collins
(805) 730-4062
Student Life Website

The Office of Student Life, located in the Campus Center, Room 217, is the center of co-curricular and extracurricular student activities on campus. Its staff assists individual students and student groups in coordinating activity projects, along with providing support to SBCC’s clubs and Associated Student Government/Student Senate.

A variety of services and programs are provided by the department upon request. It is the place where students go if they need information on poster and sign-making, use of the Free Speech Area, display tables for literature, authorization to solicit funds on behalf of a campus club, weekly calendar of events, participation in student government, student activity stickers, senior discount cards, housing, MTD bus pass information, housing and participation on college committees.

Orientation Services

Orientation Website

Orientation provides new students with information about Santa Barbara City College in order to prepare them for a successful college experience. Topics include educational programs, support services, college facilities, student life, and students’ rights and responsibilities.

All new students are strongly encouraged to participate in college orientation. However, college orientation is required of all students who have never attended college, or attended while in high school, or new transfer students, and indicated a goal of degree, certificate, transfer or basic English/math skills or and undecided educational goal on their SBCC application.

Separate from college orientation, several departments and support programs may require supplemental orientations to familiarize students with services, procedures and policies of the department or program.

Re-Entry Adult Services

(Career Center) 
MTh 8-4, TW 8-6, F 8-1
Cami Vignoe
(805) 730-3032
Career Center Website

An increasing number of adults are attending college for the purposes of retraining, transition from home to the workplace and continuing education. Santa Barbara City College welcomes them and recognizes the wealth of experiences they bring to the college setting. It is recognized that this group has unique concerns, and the college is committed to providing services to address adult re-entry issues. 

Schedule of Classes

Schedule of Classes

The Schedule of Credit and Noncredit Classes, containing specific course offerings, information on admission/registration procedures, assessment/advising, student services and mandated compliances, is published prior to each Fall, Spring and Summer college term. 

Scheinfeld Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

M-F 9-5
Julie Samson
(805) 892-3643
Scheinfeld Center Website

The Scheinfeld Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation is where students from any discipline can acquire the skills, gain the tools and access the mentorship needed to start or grow a unique business. The Scheinfeld Center offers a hands-on academic program where students build their own business in a series of entrepreneurship courses. The center also offers a personalized internship program, the Enlightened Entrepreneurship Speaker Series, a regional pitch competition, and the Enterprise Launch work experience program where students develop a product or service in a single semester. The Scheinfeld Center provides free Small Business Development Center (SBDC) consulting to students and the community.


Any enrolled student who needs shower access may come by the Sports Pavilion, Room 206 (aka, Towel Cage) to complete the agreement/waiver and then gain access to the showers via card control.

STEM Transfer Program (STP)

STEM Website

Educating professionals in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) areas is a national priority for the United States, to face the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. Examples of STEM disciplines are: Computer Science, Engineering, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Physical Sciences. The STEM Transfer Program has as a priority to encourage underrepresented and financially disadvantaged students to engage in STEM areas. Participation in the STEM Transfer Program provides: additional tutoring, belonging to a community of committed students that share similar transfer goals, campus trips to universities, personalized transfer success curriculum to make informed decisions about the transfer process, semester-by-semester academic planning to ensure required transfer coursework is completed in the most time-efficient manner, opportunities to participate in professional conferences in STEM areas, and assistance in exploring scholarship opportunities.

STEM Transfer Program Coordinator: Adolfo Corral (805) 730-4092, Student Program Advisor: Lorena Cisneros Lopez, (805) 730-4101.

Student Health and Wellness

(Health information, illness assessment, first aid, personal counseling, peer health education) 
MTh 8-4, T 8-6, W 8-6, F 8-1
Laura Fariss
(805) 730-4098
Student Health Services Website

Student Health and Wellness promotes health education, disease prevention and healthy lifestyle choices.

Medical Services - Same day appointments during office hours are offered with a registered nurse or a clinician for the assessment of illness conditions, health counseling and community referrals.  First aid is also available.  Limited laboratory services and prepackaged pharmacy items as prescribed by the clinician are available at a reduced cost. 

Personal Counseling - Student Health offers free and confidential individual and group counseling services. We offer an intake session devoted to defining personal concerns, short term counseling, and referrals. Personal counselors also offer workshops, class presentations, and outreach with various campus programs.  

The SBCC Wellness Connection - The Wellness Connection is a health education program that promotes student health and wellness on campus and teaches people how to live life to the fullest!  The Wellness Connection also has a student club that offers a place for friendship and community for all SBCC students.  The program hosts educational and interactive campus events, workshops, presentations and social media campaigns that educate students about mental and emotional wellness, sexual health and relationships, healthy eating and active living, substance awareness and bystander intervention.

The SBCC Anchor Program - Anchor promotes alcohol and other drug related risk reduction through education and outreach on campus and within the community. It also offers confidential counseling, support, and referrals for students with substance related concerns. For students interested in smoking cessation, free nicotine replacement therapy is available.

For further information on college health issues, to make an appointment for medical or counseling services or to access community resources please contact Student Health and Wellness.

Student Senate/Associated Student Government

M-F 8-4:30
Amy Collins
(805) 730-4062
ASG Website

All students at Santa Barbara City College are encouraged and invited to participate in the governance of the Associated Student Government. Executive board elections are held during the Spring Semester, and applications for senator positions are available through the third week of each Fall and Spring Semester.

The Student Senate consists of students representing a diverse range of SBCC academic and occupational disciplines and activity interests and, yet, they are fully committed to creating a better campus environment in which students may learn, study and come to know one another. The Associated Student Government/Student Senate plays an important role in the decision-making process at the college—while providing a wide variety of services and activities that enhance the total student experience.

Information on the Associated Student Government/Student Senate may be obtained from the Office of Student Life, Room CC-217.

Transfer Academy

MTh 8-4, TW 8-5, F 8-1
Angela Warren
(805) 730-4347
TA Website

The Transfer Academy, a program of the Transfer Center, guides students through the process and courses needed to qualify for Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAG) with UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Merced, UC Riverside, CSU Bakersfield, CSU Channel Islands Extended University, and the following private and out-of state universities: Antioch University, Brandman University, University of the Pacific, Whittier College, Arizona State University, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Northern Arizona University, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Portland State University, Syracuse University, University of Arizona, Western Oregon University and American University of Paris. International students may also pursue TAGs with CSU Northridge, CSU San Marcos, and San Francisco State University.

Students must apply to the Transfer Academy in order to participate. The application will serve as a statement of intent to meet the requirements for one or more TAGs. Applications are available on the Transfer Admission Guarantee page. To be eligible for the Transfer Academy, students must have completed math and English assessment tests/placement, orientation, advising and be eligible to enroll in ENG 098. Students must also be enrolled in appropriate math and English courses every semester until the requirements for their campus of choice are completed. Note: Participation in the Transfer Academy is not required in order to obtain a TAG from the universities. Any SBCC student who meets TAG requirements and deadlines for the specific university can qualify for a TAG.

Transfer Center

(Transfer to four-year colleges/universities) 
MTh 8-4, TW 8-5, F 8-1
Kathie Adams
(805) 730-4347
Transfer Center website

The Transfer Center, located in Room SS-140, is designed to offer assistance to students with the transfer process. The center provides a variety of services, resources and programs designed to help SBCC students achieve transfer to a four-year university. Services include hosting the annual Transfer Day each Fall, transfer-related workshops, and hosting admissions representatives from the California State University and University of California institutions, as well as many independent California colleges and universities.

Two transfer-related programs are also housed in the Transfer Center. The Transfer Academy works with students who want to participate in the Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) programs offered by most University of California campuses, and other private and out-of state universities. The Transfer Achievement Program (TAP) is designed to assist ethnically underrepresented, low-income, and/or first generation students who want to transfer. Students must join the programs in order to participate.

Students may also obtain additional information on Transfer Center services and programs by visiting the center in person, by calling (805) 730-4347.

Transfer Achievement Program (TAP)

(Underrepresented student transfer) 
Transfer Achievement Program website

The Transfer Achievement Program (TAP), located in the Transfer Center is a comprehensive support program designed to assist all under-represented students (including African-American, Mexican-American, Latino and American Indian) in successfully transferring to four-year colleges/universities. TAP offers individualized in-depth advising to future transfers, outreach to potential transfer students, and a variety of relevant student support programs.

The program is designed to ensure that each TAP student participates in important activities and uses valuable services related to successful transfer. Assistance is available in English classes through the Multicultural English Transfer Program (see MET description under “English”).

To join TAP, complete the online application available on the website, or contact the Transfer Center to arrange for a program orientation.

Veterans Support and Resource Center

(V.A. benefits information, course/program certification)
M-Th 8-4, F 8-1
Kyle Rasmussen
ECOC-1, Room 3
(805) 730-4003
Veterans Support Website

Santa Barbara City College is fully prepared to assist veterans in securing their educational benefits. The Veterans Support and Resource Center is located in ECOC Building 1, Room 3. Our comprehensive website and packet provides information on eligibility, application procedures and special assistance. 

Any coursework or college credit undertaken by active duty personnel, veterans and qualified dependents at an accredited institution of higher education, and officially recorded on an educational transcript, shall be reviewed and evaluated by Santa Barbara City College, and appropriate credit value given toward an Associate Degree, Certificate of Achievement, or other applicable goal in higher education. Both the student and the Veterans Administration are notified of previous credit accepted toward the current goal.

Veterans and dependents of veterans may be eligible to receive a monthly check depending on the program that they qualify for: Veterans Educational Benefits, Post–9/11 G.I. Bill (Chapter 33), Montgomery G.I. Bill Chapter 30, 31 VA Vocational Rehabilitation, 1606, 1607 (REAP) and/or Dependent’s Educational Assistance Program Chapter 35 of the U.S. Code. The Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office can inform you of your eligibility at (888) 442-4551.  For more information, visit the US Department of Veterans Affairs website.

New students should contact the Veterans Support and Resource Center at least two months prior to the term they plan to attend to initiate required paperwork. Continuing students also should check in at the VSPRC at least two months prior to the next term of attendance to complete any paperwork that might be required for continuous VA payment.

A maximum of twenty-four (24) credits may be granted to active duty service members and veterans for military service based on A Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services, published by the American Council on Education. After enrolling at Santa Barbara City College, an honorably discharged veteran or an active duty service member who has served on active duty a minimum of 180 days may apply for evaluation of military service experience for college credit. At a minimum, credit will be applied towards the PE requirement for the SBCC Associate Degree (Area E-3) based on official discharge documents (DD-214 or DD-295) or official military experience transcripts recognized by the American Council on Education (e.g., AARTS, SMART) and completion of fifteen (15) units at Santa Barbara City College. A copy of the veteran’s DD-214 separation form and/or official military experience transcripts and an SBCC Alternate Credit Petition form must be submitted to the Transcript Evaluations Office. Credit granted for military service is based on A Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services, published by the American Council on Education. A maximum of 12 elective credits will be granted for selected DANTES (DSST) subject standardized tests. A minimum score of 50 is required.

Veterans’ priority registration is available to veterans (any member or former member of the armed forces of the United States of America) within five years of leaving active duty, including, but not necessarily limited to, any student who is called to active military duty compelling the student to take an academic leave of absence. For additional information on veterans priority registration, contact SBCC Admissions & Records.

The spouse and children of U.S. veterans meeting the eligibility criteria may have their fees waived if they attend a California Community College, a California State University, or University of California campus. For eligibility requirements, contact the Santa Barbara Veterans County Service Office at (805) 681-4500 or the veterans county service officer in your county.

Volunteer Opportunities

MTh 8-4, TW 8-6, F 8-1
Career Counselors
(805) 730-4131
Volunteer Opportunities website

The Santa Barbara City College Career Center offers volunteer opportunities for students interested in community service, career exploration and personal growth. To receive college credit for volunteer experience, refer to the Work Experience section of this Catalog. Students may also participate in one-time events, such as yearly festivals, educational camps, or special cleanup projects.

The program is committed to helping students gain easy access to volunteer opportunities in the community. Additional information about volunteer opportunities is available at the Career Center.