Faculty Lecturers

This is a series of annual lectures, wherein a distinguished Santa Barbara City College faculty member is chosen by colleagues to deliver an address on a scholarly subject of general interest. The criteria for selection:

  • Outstanding classroom teaching, counseling or librarianship
  • Unselfish, dedicated faculty service to Santa Barbara City College

2018-2019 Faculty Lecture

Dr. Jody Millward, English Composition and Literature

Previous Faculty Lecture Honorees

Dr. Robert Casier, 1979-1980
Mr. Henry H. Bagish, 1980-1981
Dr. Charles R. Courtney, 1981-1982
Dr. Harold M. Dunn, 1982-1983
Dr. John D. Kay, 1983-1984
Mr. Raymond F. O’Connor, 1984-1985
Dr. Barbara S. Lindemann, 1985-1986
Dr. Elwood J. Schapansky, 1986-1987
Dr. George E. Frakes, 1987-1988
Dr. Elizabeth Hodes, 1988-1989
Dr. Jack R. Ullom, 1989-1990
Dr. Curtis B. Solberg, 1990-1991
Ms. Diane J. Handloser, 1991-1992
Dr. Robert J. Cummings, 1992-1993
Mr. John C. Eggler, 1993-1994
Mr. Michel Masson, 1994-1995
Dr. Gary Carroll, 1995-1996
Mr. David N. Lawyer, Jr., 1996-1997
Mr. Joseph P. White, 1997-1998
Dr. Manoutchehr M. Eskandari-Qajar, 1998-1999
Dr. Jeannette Webber, 1999-2000
Dr. Peter O. Haslund, 2000-2001
Ms. Genevieve B. Anderson, 2001-2002
Mr. Carl W. Sundbeck, 2002-2003
Dr. Janet Shapiro, 2003-2004
Dr. Peter Georgakis, 2004-2005
Mr. Jim Chesher, 2005-2006
Dr. John Clark, 2006-2007
Mr. Don Barthelmess, 2007-2008
Dr. Karolyn Hanna, 2008-2009
Dr. Robert S. Gray, 2009-2010
Dr. Michael Young, 2010-2011
Ms. Kathleen A. O’Connor, 2011-2012
Ms. Kathleen Z. Molloy, 2012-2013
Mr. Blakely R. Barron, 2013-2014
Dr. Sonia M. Zúñiga-Lomelí, 2014-2015
Dr. Kelly O. Lake, 2015-2016
Ms. Pamela A. Guenther, 2016-2017

Ms. Anne C. Redding, 2017-2018