Tutoring (TUT)

Credit Courses

TUTW NC199 Tutor Training Across the Disciplines (0 Units)

Hours: 8 (8 lecture)

An introduction to the basic principles of tutorial theory and practice, designed for students who are seeking to be tutors in the various tutoring programs at SBCC. Covers tutoring ethics and philosophy, and applying learning-centered theory to the practice of tutoring. Students learn about the cycle of tutoring, the basics of tutoring communication and strategies of tutoring students. Designed to prepare students to be peer tutors with students at all educational levels and disciplines; individually, in groups and online. Requires faculty recommendation of tutors who typically have been students in their classes. Tutors receive instruction in learning theories, communication skills, problem-solving strategies, teaching strategies, student services (to make appropriate referrals), campus policies, etc. Course restricted to 98 repetitions