Marine Science, Department Award (D)

Complete all department requirements with a “C” or better (or substitution options) in each course. 

BIOL 124Biological Oceanography 14
BIOL 125Marine Biology 14
ERTH 151Introductory Physical Oceanography3
ERTH 151LIntroductory Physical Oceanography Laboratory 1
ERTH/GEOG 152Weather and Climate3
HE 103Responding to Medical Emergencies 13
MDT 101Information and Introduction to Marine Diving Technology0.3
MDT 108Rigging1
MDT 109Seamanship and Small Boat Handling1.5
Plus completion of a Basic SCUBA Diving Certification.
Total Units20.80

The Marine Science Departmental Award signifies that students have a broad background in the physical and biological processes of the world’s oceans and the tools and techniques with which they are studied. The curriculum includes courses from Biology, Marine Technology and Earth and Planetary Sciences, and is especially suited to students interested in the fields of mariculture, boating and recreation, skin and Scuba diving, fishing, scientific research and marine science.

Students interested in a Marine Biology major should take the Biological Sciences majors sequence. Students are encouraged to supplement this sequence with courses in Marine Science.

Students planning on completing the Marine Science curriculum in two semesters can begin in either Fall or Spring.