Wellness (WELL)

Noncredit Courses

WELL NC011 Health and Wellness for Older Adults: Active Body, Active Mind (0 Units)

Hours: 20 (16 lecture, 4 lab)

Course includes assessment of the processes of aging and the importance of exercise and nutrition in maintaining independence, safety and well being. Emphasis will be placed on cognitive and physical exercise, diet, stress reduction, disease and injury prevention and consumer health information. Course restricted to 98 repetitions

Transfer Information: Basic Skills/not Precollegiate

WELL NC016 Overcoming Barriers to Managing Your Weight (0 Units)

Hours: 14 (14 lecture)

Students learn what it means to establish or maintain a 'healthy' weight, and also explore healthy food choices, recipes and lifestyle choices that can help support a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle. Learning to take care of ourselves should be an enjoyable endeavor, something that brings us inspiration, spurs curiosity and adventure, and gives us a sense of our place in the world. This motivating, interactive class is appropriate for all body types, diet histories, and eating issues. Course restricted to 98 repetitions

WELL NC025 Your Nutrition and the Environment (0 Units)

Hours: 12 (12 lecture)

Class will discuss the selection and preparation of meals and provide community and national resources that support healthy and environmentally sustainable diets. Topics include evaluating grass fed and pasture raised meat and dairy, sustainable fish, local and/or organic products, and the effect of diet on global warming. Students learn how 'earth friendly foods' can improve physical and emotional health and protect the safety of food producers. Class includes a tour of a farm. Course restricted to 98 repetitions

WELL NC068 Sit and Get Fit (0 Units)

Hours: 20 (20 lecture)

This "everyone-can-do" body/mind class helps encourage and improve mobility, flexibility, strength, balance, posture, breathing and relaxation. Exercising from a seated position makes it ideal for, but not limited to, those challenged with Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, arthritis or for adults new to exercise. Special consideration for participant needs makes this class useful and unique to each individual. Develop attitudes and learn techniques that work for you. Make this fun, light-hearted approach to exercise a weekly highlight. Course restricted to 98 repetitions

Transfer Information: Basic Skills/not Precollegiate